Why You Should Hire a Ghostwriter – 10 Key Ways a Ghostwriter Can Save Your Dream

Why You Should Hire a Ghostwriter – 10 Key Ways a Ghostwriter Can Save Your Dream

So you have a dream of writing your life story.  Or, maybe, you have a dream of taking your educational course or ideas and turning them into a self-help sort of a book.  But you know you can do it on your own.  Maybe you don’t have the right sort of organizational skills.  Perhaps you don’t have enough time.  Maybe you just don’t know how to take your information and turn it into a book and the whole idea overwhelms you.  That’s where a ghostwriter comes in.

1 – Put Words to Your Message

Sometimes we know what we want to say but we aren’t quite sure how to say it.  Maybe the problem is that we have a difficult time taking a simple, short message and turning it into something larger that people can actually apply to their lives.  Maybe the problem is that we use too many words to explain something that can easily be understood with just a few words.  Or, perhaps, the problem is in trying to explain a vision or an emotion.

A ghostwriter’s job is to turn visions, concepts and ideas into understandable content matter.  Whether it is some technical jargon which needs to be explained in laymen’s terms, a personal emotion or experience which needs to be related to an audience, or an idea which needs to be put into an easy-to-understand step-by-step format – a ghostwriter can take on the struggle of translating your thoughts into words.

2 – Organize Things Properly

Staying organized is an extremely important part of writing any book.  Whether its a technical book, a self-help book, a memoir or a novel, organization is key to making the process run smoothly.  A good ghostwriter knows how to keep materials and ideas organized for optimal writing success.  Sit back and let your ideas flow naturally as your ghostwriter takes on the responsibility of keeping those ideas organized.

3 – Keep You Honest

If you are writing your own personal memoirs or, even, just including certain personal experiences in whatever it is that you are writing, you may find that it can be difficult to stay honest.  Even if you think you will be honest and make a vow to yourself to be as truthful as possible, it can be easy to get caught up in worries about how you will be perceived or how your friends and family may react to what you write.

While you do not have to include all details of your life in your book, there will be some things that are necessary to incorporate in your writing.  Any talented ghostwriter is able to pick up on the subtle clues you give away when you aren’t being completely honest with yourself or your audience.  A good ghostwriter will bring these things to your attention so that you can address them.  Whether you choose to actually include them in your book or not will, ultimately, be up to you.

4 – Get You Back on Track

This is a big one.  Many people have already started writing their books.  As I’ve said before, in a post about writing consultants, it is common practice for people to start writing a memoir or other type of book and give up partway through.  Sometimes it’s just because we get busy with other projects and responsibilities.  Sometimes we experience writer’s block and simply don’t know what to say.  A lot of the time, we just aren’t happy with what we’ve written and resign ourselves to the fact that our book will never be finished.

If you are someone who has begun writing and gotten off track, a ghostwriter can take what you’ve already written and get it back on track Sometimes, this will involve reorganizing what you’ve already written; sometimes it will just be a sort of picking up where you left off; sometimes everything you’ve written will get scrapped, but the core ideas and goals will remain.

If a ghostwriter doesn’t sound like what you need and you’d like to maintain more control by writing yourself, consider hiring a writing consultant.

5 – Keep You On Track

Whether you’ve gotten off track in the past before or not, staying on track is very important in completing your work.  A good ghostwriter will hold you accountable for your own contributions to the process (such as interviews and revisions).  Simply having someone else who checks in on you from time to time and depends on you to make telephone or in-person meetings will help to keep you track a lot better than simply relying on your own self-motivation.

6- Work With Your Schedule

Working with your schedule should seem like a no-brainer.  Obviously, you will expect your ghostwriter to work with your schedule – you are the client after all.  Not only will a good ghostwriter work with your schedule, though, he or she will help you find space in your schedule to make the process work for you.

7 – Serve as a Trial Audience

The great thing about ghostwriters is that they will not only write your book, they will also serve many of the same functions as a writing consultant.  One of those key functions is serving as a trial audience.  When you tell your own life stories or write about your own ideas, you may forget to include things which seem obvious to you, but are not so obvious to your readers.  Similarly, you may find that you spend too much time talking about something that really doesn’t deserve a lot of attention in your book.  A good ghostwriter will find areas that need to be expanded, contracted and clarified as you tell your story and visions aloud, making sure that all the necessary components are included in your book.

8- Work When You Aren’t Able To

Have you ever wished that you could split yourself into two or three (or even more) people to be able to accomplish all of your goals?  I know I have.  One of the biggest perks about hiring a ghostwriter is that they can work on your book while you are free to do other things.

Of course, your ghostwriter will need direction – you can’t just say “Hey I wanna write a book” and walk away.  But what’s great is that after hammering out the details and vision for a particular part of your book, your ghostwriter can go off and work on that part while you continue working on other projects.

Looking for an experienced ghostwriter with a background in counseling and psychology?  Contact me any time for a free mini-consultation to discuss your goals and how I can help you achieve them.

9 – Using Literary Techniques

So you know your story but you aren’t quite sure how to use different literary techniques to make your story stand out from the crowd or draw the audience in.  Perhaps you’ve heard of things like hyperbole, foreshadowing, themes, or symbolism but you have no idea how to actually go about incorporating such things into your book.  A good ghostwriter will learn your story, inside and out, and help to weave those things seamless throughout your book in one cohesive voice.

10 – Format Your Work Properly

Formatting your book may sound easy but for many people it can turn into a nightmare.  If you plan to sell your book online or to self-publish, just learning the various formatting rules for these types of publications can become a full-time job.  Most publishing platforms (such as Kindle and Lulu) have their own formatting guidelines and your book must be perfectly formatted for each of those sets of guidelines before you can sell or publish using those avenues.  A ghostwriter writes for a living.  He or she already knows how to format for your desired platform or, at the very least, will learn specifically for your project.  This will save you hours of work and multiple headaches.


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