Best Computer for Creative Freelancers 2017 – Microsoft Surface Book

Best Computer for Creative Freelancers 2017 – Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft Surface Book

How Much I Love It



  • detachable touchscreen
  • unique stylus
  • fast, reliable processor
  • side venting
  • backlit keyboard


  • heavier than some others
  • thick at back end from unique hinge
  • top heavy so it falls over sometimes

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…gives you all the versatility of a tablet without asking you to sacrifice interface or processing.

I must admit that I am slightly biased when it comes to this computer – I own it.  After I finally got rid of my Sony dinosaur I scrounged together my savings and every last quarter and dime I could find in my sofa to finally buy my dream computer: the Microsoft Surface Book

Detachable Touch Screen

What?!  Yes I love to flaunt this ability when people come to visit.  I just press the little button that unlocks the screen and pop it off.  The system uses heat activated by the button to release the screen from the locking mechanism.  But this system is so strong that I often pick my laptop up by its screen and carry it around with absolutely no worry that there will be a problem.  It doesn’t even wiggle a little when I do so – you’d think it was a traditional laptop.

But it’s not!  The touchscreen doesn’t just mean you can scroll easier or use the screen as a tablet when its detached, it also means that you can use the handy stylus to draw things, highlight things, make editing note sin the margins of your word-processed document, sign contracts with clients and much more.

Read more about my choices as the Best Computers for Freelance Writers here.

Unique Stylus

The stylus doesn’t just let you draw on the screen, though.  It also has a button eraser on the top.  When working on a drawing or handwritten document just swipe this “eraser” across the screen to remove markings.

Click the eraser button once, twice, or press and hold it to bring up different apps.  I set mine so that click it once brings up a display of all the best touch apps on my CPU and so clicking it twice brings up my drawing board.  When I press and hold mine my sticky notes pop up.  You can set yours up differently though, just access the settings and select the apps you want it to open.

Never lose your stylus – instead, just pop it onto the side of your screen where magnets hold it firmly in place until you need it next.

Super Strong Hinge

When Microsoft first came out with this computer people were so excited to talk about its hinge.  “It’s incredible!” they’d say.  Really, they weren’t wrong.  It’s unique way of folding in on itself like a rolling accordion places less stress on any one place and means it will last a lot longer.  Like I said, I pick this thing up by its screen and walk around with it – I would never have done that with past laptops I’ve own, they probably would have come apart in my hands.

The only thing I don’t like about this hinge is that it makes the laptop itself taller at the back end and, thus, more difficult to slip into my bag.

Runs Windows and All It’s Writer-Friendly Software

I wanted this computer because, as a freelancer I do a lot of writing AND I create a lot of graphics.  It runs Windows (duh) which is my personal preference.  It can run the full Microsoft Office Suite which is great because I love to use Word for my writing and Excel for my bookkeeping.

Unique Venting Means You Can Sit it Directly On Your Lap

I know, crazy right?  Who would have thought a laptop could actually sit on top of your lap without some sort of cooling tray beneath it.  Not only did my last computer run the risk of overheating when I sat it on my lap (the vents were on the bottom) it also overheated my thighs!  None of that will be a problem with the Surface Book.

It vents the keyboard’s heat out of small holes along the top part of the hinge – though this really doesn’t create much heat because the processor and all the working parts are in the screen.  The screen vents around the edges using similar small holes.

i5 Processor, 8GB of Ram with Either 128GB or 250GB of Storage

I chose the 250GB Surface Book with the i5 processor.  An i5, though not as fast and crash-proof as the i7 listed below is more than many freelancers really need if they just use a basic word processor.  That being said, most of us need to research or run wordpress for our own websites, etc. – so the i5 comes in handy.

Or… i7 Processor, 16 GB of Ram and 512 GB of Storage

There are a few different setups you can get, as with any computer.  This one comes with either an i5 processor or an i7 – obviously, you pay a little extra for the i7 BUT it will run things a lot smoother.  Choose the i7 if you need to work with graphics a lot or plan to partake in some gaming during your off time.

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