Anxiety Cure

Written with Dr. Marie Cheour, this book helps people suffering from the debilitating effects of anxiety.  It helps them to explore the basis of their anxiety symptoms and to overcome those symptoms by dealing with past and present emotions.

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handbook for personal healing

Handbook for Personal Healing

Written with Nathalie Bonilla, the Handbook for Personal Healing was created to help you along the beginning or even the mid-point of your own personal journey toward self-worth, self-efficacy, self-esteem, self-care, and self-empowerment.

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Favorite Articles/Blog Posts On Informed and Empowered

As the founder of the website, I have many articles featured on Informed and Empowered, the following are a few of my favorites.

A New Understanding of Depression?


Could experiences and upbringing be accountable for depression?  Could certain personal histories set us up to view the world in certain ways which may ultimately lead us down a dark path?

According to a study publish last month in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, specific mindsets regarding the ways of the world appear to be associated with differences in experiencing guilt or shame – at least in American University students – and may account for differences in levels of depression.

The Study

Chelsie Young and colleagues surveyed graduate students in an effort to determine a link between shame, guilt and depression.  They hypothesized that those students who most often reacted to negative circumstances with feelings and thoughts of shame would be more likely to experience symptoms of depression than those who reacted with feelings of guilt.


North American Woman Syndrome


You may know from previous articles that I have been struggling with an invisible, undiagnosed illness for a few years which has greatly impacted the quality of my life. Finally frustrated with doctors and the inability to reach my goals due to this illness, I’ve decided to take my life back into my own hands and begin a journey of learning and change. Based on my formal education in psychology, my informal (though much longer and more in-depth) education in physical health and environmental impacts on that health, previous employment in an empowering, feminist atmosphere and personal revelations, I have come up with a new term to describe my situation: North American Woman Syndrome.

I believe that what is going on with me may be conglomeration of things I like to call North American Woman Syndrome.  No, this is not a real thing – at least not in the sense that it has been studied, a list of symptoms created and a treatment plan created.  No.  This is not a “real” thing in the eyes of the medical profession.  Please don’t go to your doctor claiming that you have North American Woman Syndrome, unless you are hoping to find a confused reaction and possibly be labelled as something even more degrading than the many labels doctors apply to those of us with invisible, undiagnosed conditions.

“So, what is North American Woman Syndrome?” you ask.  Great question.  I sure am glad you asked it.  It is a conglomeration of symptoms which have resulted from, more or less, years and years of self abuse.


Helping Someone Who is Grieving


A loved one loses someone or something and begins to spiral into despair.  What do you do?  How do you help?  How do you know what is normal?  The keys to helping are: understanding, listening, and taking care of yourself.

Stages of Grief

I am sure that you have heard about the stages of grief model at some point in time. If not (or if your memory isn’t serving you as well as you deserve) let’s take a quick look at it before we too far into this discussion.  The five stages of grief, as defined by psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross are as follows:

  • Denial and isolation
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

We won’t go too far into an exploration of these stages of grief in this article, but you can read about them a little more in-depth in an article Marika Fernandez wrote about The Basics of Grief. For now, let’s just focus on two important things about these stages of grief: everyone experiences them differently and they can be experienced in any order. In fact, not everyone even touches on all of the stages as they move through their grieving process – some people skip a few.


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Juicer Cruiser Content

I wrote the bulk of the content for the website Juicer Cruiser as part of an affiliate marketing ghostwriting job.  Thankfully, my wonderful client was gracious enough to allow me to share this website for the sake of my portfolio.  Check it out by clicking here or click here to download some screenshots of my work.