Delight Consumers by Making Your Affiliate Website a One Stop Shop

Delight Consumers by Making Your Affiliate Website a One Stop Shop

freelancing advice for beginners | affiliate marketing tips | affiliate marketing advice | affiliate website | affiliate marketing content | affiliate website content | how to build an affiliate websiteA strong website which displays your authority and sets you apart from the rest is essential in delighting consumers and inciting clickthroughs and setting your website apart from the thousands of others.

You created an affiliate marketing website and you’re getting a fair amount of traffic, but your visitors don’t seem to be clicking through your website to look at other parts of it or they aren’t following your affiliate links.  You’re scratching your head wondering what on Earth you did wrong.

You learned all you needed to learn about affiliate marketing from those two or three websites and ebooks you checked out, right?  Maybe you’ve gone so far as to spend hundreds of dollars on webinars and e-courses.  Perhaps you even hold a marketing degree or are a professional writer (like me) and thought for sure you had this one in the bag.

I mean, really, everyone else is affiliate marketing.  Why should this be so hard?

You Can’t Compete with Established Affiliate Marketing Websites

Everyone else is doing it, so why should it be hard?  Shouldn’t I just be able to copy the basic layout and structure of someone else’s website and then voila there are my millions of visitors and dollars?

It doesn’t work quite like that.  In all honesty, the very fact that everyone else is doing it is exactly what’s making this so difficult for you.  You cannot simply copy and paste someone else’s style into your own website and think that it will bring you thousands upon thousands of visitors.  At the very best, it will bring you a few of your competition’s visitors.

Think of it this way: you copied your competition which makes your website about equal to theirs in terms of its usefulness BUT your competition has been around longer and is already ranking high on important search engines.  So, why would people come to your website instead?

Setting yourself apart from the competition is important because it will take a LOT to outrank them.  Until you do (IF you ever do) you will need to have some other reason that people would rather come to your website.


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Set Yourself Apart from the Affiliate Marketing Crowd by Showing Your Authority

Turning your website into a one-stop-shop is exactly what will set you apart from everyone else.  Not only will you provide your readers with more information than much of your competition – you will also show your readers that you know what you’re talking about.

With hundreds of affiliate websites floating around in cyberspace – some of which have been patched together by money-hungry teens in their parents’ basements trying to pass off their minimal experience as “knowledge” (if they have experience at all).  Finding a review of a product which TRULY offers something of importance is difficult at best.

Be that person – create that website – which answers questions, which offers knowledge, which actually displays the authority to tell your readers which products they should choose and why they should choose them.

This means not only including reviews of actual products (yes, I said reviews – don’t just lump a bunch of stuff together on a page with links to Amazon and think you’ve done your job), but also including things like Buying Guides, How-To Guides, recipes (if necessary), and much more.

You can make these webpages on your website or simple blog posts – whichever you prefer.  If you intend to have a lot of very specific informational pages consider adding them to the website in the form of a blog.

Learn about the importance of your affiliate marketing website’s homepage and how it can impact your reader’s experience.

Here are a few examples of the types of extra content you can add to an affiliate marketing website to display your knowledge and authority:

An Affiliate Marketing Website About Bicycles:

  • How to find the best bike for your tall height.
  • Tuning your brand new bike.
  • Tuning your bike for a new season.
  • Best strategies for changing a bicycle tire.
  • Road bike or mountain bike – Which is best for you?

An Affiliate Marketing Website About Outdoor Furniture:

  • How to measure and layout your furniture before you even buy it.
  • Plastic, Wicker, Wood, or Metal?
  • Dos and don’ts of fire tables.
  • How to arrange outdoor furniture for optimal conversation zones.
  • Ultimate Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide

Creating an affiliate website that stands out from the rest isn’t about having the flashiest graphics or covering the most product types.  It’s about showing your readers that you know what you are talking about and giving them a reason to trust your opinions and suggestions.

Read about how your homepage can have a HUGE impact on the success of your affiliate marketing website.

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