As a freelancer, I am always doing research into the freelancing industry.  Every job I complete and every connection I make is research in some form.  Aside from that, I am always on the lookout for ways to improve myself and am in close contact with many other freelancers via networking groups.

I will be happy to write about my own freelancing experiences and the research I have done for your blog.

My Approach to Blog Posts and Articles

In writing blog posts and articles, I always begin with a lead statement that catches the eye of the reader and summarizes everything we’re about to discuss in the article.  Though you may think the goal is to get the person to read the entire article, the truth is that most people don’t read entire articles because they are just too busy.  To give your busy readers the best value (and to hook those people who do have more time to read) I use a “sticky” lead sentence.

I try to keep paragraphs short so that readers can skip along through the content without feeling overwhelmed.  I also bold important statements so that people can get just the important points (this is great for those who are in a rush but who still want more details than are contained in the lead sentence).

Headings are important to me.  They not only organize the work, they also help the reader remember what they’ve read when telling others what they learned on your website.  I like to use variations of long-tailed keywords in headings to help search engines crawl your page.

LINKS!  I love using informative, non-competitive, and extremely relevant links in the blog posts I write.  I won’t over-stuff your page with links, though.  Did you know that too many links can actually have a negative effect on SEO?

My fees for blog posts and articles are $100CAD per 1000 word article.  Special pricing can be discussed for articles which are shorter or longer.

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