Home Office Life

As a content writer, online marketer, author, and blogger I’ve dealt with my fair share of disastrous situations and frustrations as a home-working entrepreneur and wanted to use this website to reach out to others who’ve had similar challenges.

From sharing my office space with my bedroom, kitchen, living room, and my step-kids’ playroom, to fighting with a sub-par printer and all those little things in between I’ve spent the past 8 years learning a lot from my experiences.  I’ve also learned the importance of finding certain items to help get me through the depressing parts of being an entrepreneur and those that help me stay comfortable when chronic pain rears its angry head.

I wanted to take all that experience and create a special place on this website to offer special help for those of us working out of our homes. I hope you find that the information I’ve collected here (gleaned from personal experience and ton of research) is helpful in your own endeavors!

I’ve got a special section of my blog now dedicated solely to the Home Office Life.

I’ve also taken the time to carefully research some of the best and most helpful products in creating the most perfect, functional, peaceful home office space possible.