The Tribullaries – Part Two

"She could feel it all around her like an electrical current running through the air.  She could feel it between the hairs which stood on end on her forearms, racing between them like a mouse looking for the exit to a maze."

Writing Your Own Memoirs? A Consultant Can Help

Writing personal memoirs sounds easy, but many people start the process and never finish.  A professional writing consultant can help ease the burden and confusion of writing your memoirs, and help turn it into an achievement you can enjoy and be proud to finish.

The Tribullaries – Part One

"As she sat there, with her eyes closed, she could see it all.  For a moment, it felt almost like it did before.  For a moment, her imagination allowed in the scent of fresh-cut grass blown through an open window.  For a moment, she believed it."

A Little Note Goes a Long Way

This is a very short story written in response to the writing prompt at  My post went well over their 500 word limit, but I wanted to write it anyway.   I stumbled through the street – my briefcase in one hand, my sad excuse for an umbrella in...