Write Your Story in Your Words

You’re looking to write a book, but you aren’t sure where to start.  You need someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to help you organize the information, someone to look over what you have written and tell you what works, what doesn’t and which questions you’ve yet to answer for your reader.  Consulting services can help you get the job done, without having to hire a ghostwriter.  Turn your vision into a reality with the friendly assistance of a consultant, such as me.

What is Consulting?

When you sit down to write your story (fiction or true) it can be overwhelming.  Consulting is a service I offer which allows me to help you turn your thoughts and ideas into a book.  It is a conglomeration of advice, ideas, things to get you thinking, help to organize and much more.  Check out this blog post where I explain the role of a writing consultant in greater detail.

We Will Plan Your Book By:

  • Discussing your overall goals.
  • Going over any materials you have to work from.
  • Planning a layout for your book.
  • Discussing specifics such as Title Pages, Tables of Contents, and general formatting.

You Will Begin Writing Your Book

Writing your book will be a lot easier once you have a direction and plan for your book.  You will not begin the writing process by yourself, but I will be on call for appointments so you can ask questions and bounce ideas off me as you go along.

We Will Work on the Finishing Touches

Together, we will go through your draft and I will help you make any necessary changes to the overall flow of the book.  We will also make any necessary adjustments to the formatting of your book.

Optional Ad-Ons

You may find it helpful to add the following services onto your consultation package.


After you write the first draft of your entire book, or even just one chapter, we will go through over it and decide what changes need to be made in order to flesh out characters, explain certain things or streamline unnecessary narration.  This is more in-depth than the quick once-over we will do at the end of the consultation process.

Proof Reading

Don’t have time to proofread the final copy of your draft?  Want a second set of eyes to check for spelling and grammar mistakes?  No problem.  I can make changes directly in the draft or add them as notes so you can decide whether or not to make them yourself.  This service is offered at a discounted rate!


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