What is Copywriting and How Can It Help You?

Anyone who runs their own business knows the importance of copywriting, whether they know it by its name or not.  Put simply, copywriting is the act of creating copy for your website and other marketing needs.

Your website needs top quality content to pull in the attention of your prospective customers, client or audience (depending on what you use your website for).  Quality copy is intriguing, attention-grabbing, honest, relatable, and maintains the same voice and persona of your business.

In an online world, it can be easy to fade into the background and become just another website with a list of products and services.  By putting personality into your website, copy helps your customers and clients feel at ease the way they do when they walk through the doors of your business.

Quality copy also gives your customers and clients a very clear idea of what you do, why you do it, how you do it and how your products or services will improve their lives.

Why Hire Me as Your Copywriter

Whether we are focusing on your business website, social media page or some other piece of written information you are putting out into the world, I will work closely with you in creating the exact message you want to deliver to your customers and/or clients.

I will do in-depth research on your particular company by talking with you about your goals and services or products.  I will also get to know the tone and personality of your company.  For example, would your company be best represented by copy which is formal, technical, conversational, amusing, et cetera?

I will research your competition to create a basic SWOT analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, how they may threaten your own business online and how to make the most of the opportunities others have missed.  I will use this information to optimize on successful tactics used by your competition and to create copy which also makes you stand out in the crowd.

How To Hire Me as Your Copywriter

To hire me as your copywriter, simply contact me using the contact form below and we can begin the process.  We will start by having a few consultation wherein we will discuss your goals and determine if I am the right fit for your project.

From there, we will decide on a timeframe and a budget.  I usually charge $120 per 1000 words, or $12 per 100 words of copy.  This price incorporates research time, writing time and proofreading time.