Looking to write your life story? Want to share your story of struggle, triumph, success or even failure?  Have something worth saying, but not quite sure how to say it?  Have something to teach people, but not quite sure how you should arrange that information into a coherent package?  Let me help you achieve your goals.

How Ghostwriting Services Work

Ghostwriting works best when a strict plan is adhered to.  Although, we can flex certain things, here and there, to make the plan work best for you.  I suggest working with the following plan as a template for our work together:

1 – Introductory Sessions

Usually lasting only 2 to 4 hours, these sessions are spent getting to know each other on a personal basis to make sure we are the right fit to work together.

2 – Planning Sessions

We will use in-person, telephone or email communication to brainstorm ideas for your project, plan a layout and discuss which content will be used for the book.

3 – Prepping

Through in-person, telephone and email interviews, I will get to know your story and/or content better.  I will also spend time gathering important fact for any referenced material.

4 – Drafting

I will squirrel away in my office to write the first draft of your book.  I will contact you for clarifications and any questions I have.

5 – Joint Draft Editing

Through in-person or telephone conversations we will go through your book, chapter by chapter, to discuss any changes you believe should be made.  I will make those changes, chapter by chapter, and send them to you for your approval.

6 – Final Revisions

I will squirrel away one more time to go through your book with a fine-toothed comb to find and fix any spelling, grammar or formatting errors.

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