Mental Health, Meditation, Wellbeing Articles

Amy-Lynn was great with communication and completed work in line with the arranged timeframes and to a high quality. Will hire again.

Dr. Marie Cheour

Ghostwriter for Psychology-Related E-Books

Excellent writer. Got the job done a long before deadline.

UpWork Client

Working Together on Informed and Empowered

Amy is one of the first people that I’ve worked with in my freelancing career, and I’m proud to say that I will continue to work with her for most of it. She’s extremely organized and is bursting with knowledge and ideas. Nothing can slow her down once she get’s her ball rolling.

Content Writing for The Unbiased Reviews

Amy wrote an article for our blog which is performing very well. She has professional work ethics and her turn around time is great. I recommend her services.

Amazon Affiliate Sales Training

Great communication, helped steer me in the right direction even though I was totally clueless with what I was looking for! Oh and 8 days early finishing the project!


UpWork Client

Affiliate Marketing Content Writing

Amy-Lynn has always been a reliable writer, she’s never made a promise on delivery date or amount of words written that she couldn’t keep. The thing I like best in her writing though, is that you always get the feeling that she’s genuinely interested in the subject, or even an expert, and is clearly going the extra mile in her research. Sometimes that means she uses more words than expected, but we’ve given her the freedom to use as many words as she thinks is necessary to fully cover the subject, and this agreement works wonders for us. We’re pretty much guaranteed of a well balanced, coherent and easy to read article.

Internet Marketer

Book Review for Handbook for Personal Healing

This is a wonderful tool to help and guide people in their personal healing for a lot of reasons. First and foremost is because of the authors each approach healing from different modalities.  Amy’s approach is more psychological and Nathalie’s is more from a spiritual aspect.  The separation makes the paths to healing clearer and allows those using the handbook to use whichever approach that best suits them. Though in my experience a complete healing would include both.

I also like the fact that this is a workbook. So the book provides information along with questions and writing assignments to help you in your process. Information about healing is wonderful, but, the healing process is one of action. You can have all the knowledge in the world about healing that does you no good unless you put action to it and learn to apply it in your life. The questions are well thought out and ask the user to look at healing from an action based and productive perspective.

Blogs/Articles Required – Mental Health, Wellbeing, Meditation Topics

Amy-Lynn was great with communication and completed work in line with the arranged timeframes and to a high quality. Will hire again

Upwork Client

Exceptional High-Energy Content Writer Needed for Multiple Websites

One of the best, if not the best contractor we’ve had. Diction, structure… she knows exactly what works. Can easily change write style and match it to any project we’re working on. Entertaining? Descriptive? Persuasive? She always finds the right angle. Spelling and grammar is flawless as well – we always edit all our work but my editor says she hardly ever needs to touch it. Goes above and beyond to finish projects in time, and always informs well beforehand for planned vacations or problems that may arise. Suffice to say that we’ll hire her again, we’re just having a slow phase now and first need to rethink our future.

Upwork Client

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