The Importance of Good Website Copy

The Importance of Good Website Copy

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In an increasingly digital age the first thing many of your potential clients and customers see if your website.  It is important to grab their attention with your web content by clearly explaining who you are, what you do and by setting yourself apart from your competition.

What is Website Copy?

If you aren’t hip to internet lingo you may not be familiar with the term “website copy.”  Put very simply, website copy is the verbal content on your website.  Everything on your homepage, in your “About Us” section and the various pages on your website which describe what you do and how you do it is considered website copy

Defining Good Website Copy

An effective website is not only a place where your current and potential customers and consumer can get into contact with you and learn more about you, it’s also one of your biggest internet marketing tools (something affiliate marketers know all too well).  Good website copy paints a picture of your business for all current and potential consumers.  It should contain all of the following elements:

Complete and Accurate Information about Your Products and/or Services

Your potential (or current) clientele/consumers should be able to get a clear picture of what you and how you can help them.

Emphasis on How You Can Help

Since your website visitors are interested in achieving goals of their own, your website needs to also contain information about how you can help them.  Instead of simply stating and explaining your products and services, your website should be written in a way which exemplifies how you can improve the life or business of your potential clientele/consumers.

An Overview of Your Company and Its Goals

Since visitors to your website aren’t able to speak to you or your representatives in person (like they would if they visited your company in person) you need to give them an idea of who you are.

Written in a Tone Which Reflects the Role You Play for Your Clients/Consumers

For example, if you are selling beauty products to an audience of twenty-somethings your web copy should be written in an informal tone.  On the other hand, if you are a lawyer with high-profile clientele your copy should be written in a formal tone.

Easy to Understand

Your readers should be able to understand the information you provide them with.  This means that you should minimize or, at the very least, define any technical jargon.

Easy to Navigate

Navigation doesn’t only refer to menus and pages on your website. Your website should also have clearly defined headings and subheadings to make it easier for your readers to find the information they need in a quick and effective manner.

Calls To Action

Every company’s website needs some sort of enticement or calls to action.  Psychologically, your visitors are much more likely to join your mailing list or to contact you if you include something which clearly tells them to do so.  Instead of something which simply says “Mailing List” or “Contact Form” your website should include something like “Join Our Mailing List for Updates” or “Contact Us Now For a Free Quote.”

Going Over and Above

Sometimes it isn’t enough to simply have “good” website copy.  Sometimes we need copy which is excellent.  If you are the only person or company in the world which offers your products or services, “good” should suffice.  If, however, you actually have competition (like most companies) you need to set yourself apart somehow.

Depending on the type of company you run, ways to set yourself apart from your competition vary.  For the most part, though, a solid analysis of your major competition will reveal weaknesses in their copy.  You can use these weaknesses to your advantage by turning them into your website’s strengths.  If for example, most of your competitors’ websites contain bland, matter-of-fact content, you can choose to spruce things up a little bit by infusing extra personality into your website.  Since their websites seem to be working for them, though, you should also choose to keep those elements which are working well, such as to-the-point descriptions of your products and/or services.

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