What?!  A new book?!  Awesome, right?  This short gem of a book was created by myself and Nathalie Bonilla of informedandempowered.com  We made this book to assist people as they move through their #healingjourneys of self-discovery and self-empowerment.

I’m extra-excited about the news of this particular book launch because the creation of this book was something near and dear to my heart.  My passion has always been in the mental health and empowerment area of life and being able to bring this companion book to life with the help of a gifted friend absolutely means the world to me.

In the book, Nathalie and I alternated writing chapters – me taking a more psychological approach in my chapters and Nathalie taking a more spiritual approach in her own.  Together, we worked hard to create a good balance of the two to support people through their healing processes.

Check out the Handbook for Personal Healing on Amazon – it’s only $0.99 USD (FREE from September 5th to 9th 2017).