Unlocking the Power of the Homepage for Your Affiliate Website

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A properly executed website, complete with a focused homepage, is just as important to your affiliate website as the actual product reviews.

The overall design of your affiliate marketing website speaks volumes to your audience (and potential consumers). In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how you can turn your homepage into the ultimate affiliate marketing one-stop-shop.

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The very first time your prospective consumer stumbles upon your website it should be clear what you do.

“Wait, what? Shouldn’t it already be clear that I’m trying to sell them something?”

No – because you are not trying to sell them a product, you are trying to make money by offering them information, education, and assistance. The purpose of any affiliate marketing website should not be to simply list a bunch of products and hope that people buy them.

You are not selling the products – Amazon, or Walmart, or whoever you are doing affiliate sales for can sell things from a website full of pictures and basic descriptions. You are not selling the product, you are selling the helpful information and opinions you have to offer about those products.

Don’t list a bunch of products on your homepage and just hope people will buy them. Instead, list the products elsewhere (with helpful information attached!) and use your homepage as a hub for your one-stop-shop.

Your homepage should NOT include the following:

• A long description of yourself and what you do – save that for the “About Us” page.

• A bunch of random product reviews or links to products.

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Your homepage SHOULD include the following:

A brief description of who you are, why people should care what you have to say, and how you plan to help them with their purchase. Link this section to your larger “About Us” section.

Links to all relevant information – Your navigation menu and things you talk about on your homepage should link to your product reviews, buying guides, and informative blog posts.  Since your website will be a one-stop-shop for all information related to the products you’re marketing, your readers should have access to all of this information on all of your pages, with brief descriptions of all of this information clearly expressed on your homepage.

An explanation of what the website contains – Descriptions of the various sections of your website should follow headers which directly relate to those sections.

For example, if you have buying guides on your website, put a header on your homepage that says “Buying Guides,” link it to the buying guides’ section, and then write a brief snippet below the heading about why you included the buying guides and how they can be helpful to the purchasing experience.

A Clear Statement of Purpose and Value

Your homepage needs to tell the customer/client who you are, but only in one short paragraph consisting of 4 sentences at most. You can tell the visitor to visit your “About Us” page for more information.

It should begin with a clear and focused statement on telling people why you have authority to help them and what sort of special expertise you bring to your reviews. Here are a couple of examples:

“With 10 years of experience in the filmmaking industry and over 200 clients/customers in our 5 years of operation, Moving Conversion Graphics Inc. is dedicated to bringing our clients’ illustrations to life. On this website, we are excited to apply our experience with graphics software to helping you find the right software to meet your company’s goals.”

“With 12 years of experience selling camping gear from our central location in Boston, we’ve closed our doors so we could come online and bring you the best experience of shopping for camping gear from your home!”

“As someone with six years of experience working in a soup kitchen and who has been cooking for a family of eight for over twelve years I’ve had my fair share of experience with pots and pans of all makes and qualities. I’ve also spent my fair share of time humming and hawing over the purchases of new pieces. Let me take some of the difficulty out of your decision by sharing a bit of what I’ve learned along the way.”

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