What Can Editing Do For You?

Whether you are writing a self-help book, personal memoirs, a fiction novel or a quick informative e-book to promote your business, editing is an extremely important part of the process.  As your second set of eyes, I will help you ensure your thoughts are weaved seamlessly throughout your book in a way that makes sense to your reader and truly gets your themes and emotions across.

The Goals of Editing

Editing is not the same as proofreading.  A proofreader will simply go through your work to find minor (and sometimes major) grammatical, formatting and spelling mistakes.  Though that often happens throughout the course of the editing process, editing is about a lot more than simple errors.  It is focused much more on major structural issues, such as themes and plot lines.  As the person elbows-deep in the work, you are least likely to find plot-holes, inconsistencies or a loss of themes throughout the book.  As your editor, I will take on that responsibility for you.

The Editing Process

Typically, I will take some time to speak with you before I even take a gander at your work.  The purpose of this discussion will be to figure out your overall goals for your project so that I can keep them in mind as I work.  Next, I will squirrel away with your project in my office.  I will provide you with updates on my progress as well as files containing that progress so you can keep track of me.  I will be in close contact if I have any questions about your work.

Finally, I will provide you with my marked-up copy of your work and a file detailing my suggestions for your work.  It doesn’t end there, though.  I will also be available for telephone, email or in-person consultations about the suggestions I gave you to help you incorporate them into your project.

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